How to get to Vila Judite

First, here is the full address of Vila Judite:

Vila Judite

Lugar de Vilares

4920 – 040

Vila Nova de Ceveira


The main village is Covas

Position: N 41o 52’ 25” W 8o 42’ 30” or 41.8736806 N 8.7083917 W

North Portugal

The river Minho forms the border between Spain and Portugal

Vila Nova de Ceveira

If approaching from the South on the A28/IC1 then the exit is at the village of Dem. Take the M552 East to Serra D’Arga (10.4km).

In Arga de Baixo, turn left to join the EN302 Northwards. The first house you come to is Blue and is Vila Judite! (4.7km)

From the A3, life is a little more complicated. Here is a schematic of the exit from the A3 which is marked:

Vila Nova de Ceveira / Paredes de Coura

A3 approach

These roads are very winding but I have shown them as straight lines for clarity! About 15km to Covas.

The EN301 passes under the A3 but there is no connection at that point.

From the roundabout in Covas by the bridge to Vila Judite is a distance of about 3km.

As you climb up from Covas to Vilares, Vila Judite stands out as it is Blue!


and it is on the bend in the road leaving the Lugar de Vilares headed for the Serra D’Arga

West Wing

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